Monday, April 28, 2008

Dumbness in the Streets

Yeah...I know, some of these drawings are dumb. No dumber than narrowing the busiest street in the state by one lane in each direction. The road is so rough that I might as well drive through a field.
Engineers are as dumb as anyone I guess...
I have a headache like the guy in the picture.
Goodnight and please be less dumb tomorrow.
- the eyewitnesses

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"It" Really is Everywhere...And "It's" Dumb and Smelly

Last Sunday an employee where we work had an "accident." Not really the traditional kind of accident that an adult might have (like falling from a ladder or being electrocuted), but one that a two year old might normally have. The picture to the left approximates what happened that day...but it was much, much worse and waaaaaay more smelly.
You tell us if it's dumb to take a laxative before work or not...

-the eyewitnesses

Dumb Names/Dumb Parents

Earlier this week a couple of sisters came into our office to fill out job applications. They were named Tiffany and Biffany and they weren't twins. Of course we can't use their real names here, but we sure are close.

Their middle names were Ronda and Bonda.

Again, not their real middle names but very similar.

Tiffany Ronda and Biffany Bonda?

Yawn... The dumbness is making me sleepy.

-the eyewitnesses

Sunday, April 6, 2008


A) You'd think that people with degrees could spell things correctly. I've seen spelling errors all week long. I'd be dangerous if I were educated.

B) Yesterday I met someone who kept calling the UCLA Bruin guard Collison, Collision. Again with the spelling.

...and just because I'm a Bruin fan doesn't mean I live in L.A.

-the eyewitnesses

Just Not Smart Enough

blah blah blah drinking is fun but it makes us dehydrated...
- the eyewitnesses